What is Appetite for Life ?

Appetite for Life is a weight management and healthy lifestyle programme.

What is AFL?

Appetite for Life is a six week lifestyle course for people
(two hours per week). It is delivered in small groups of up
to 15 participants by specifically trained facilitators
(practice nurses/health professionals).

It is NOT a diet

Instead it focuses on many small lifestyle changes that together
add up to a big change in health. The emphasis on health gain,
rather than impossible weight loss goals, allows people to lose
weight slowly, maintain their weight loss and enjoy the process

Who is it for?

Appetite for Life is designed for people who are fed up with the
yoyo cycle of dieting and want to feel normal around food. It will
also be of benefit to any person wanting to improve their health or
that of their whanau.

Does it cost?

No, there is no cost, course participation is free. And you get delicious
food tasting each week plus a comprehensive participant book loaded
with information, tips and recipes.

How to join a course